I enjoy going on vacation. I've went to many place around the country but I've never went outside the country, but I plan on going outside the country one time in my life span. One thing I really enjoy when I go on vacation is how different places can be from you home town.

Places I want to go

Japan is the country I want to visit the most. Ideally, I'd to travel to Japan in spring or autumn, when temperatures remain pleasant.Things that I want to do is Hiking in the Japan Alps, Going to a baseball game, and watch geishas perform.

Another location I would like to visit is switzerland. No matter where you look in Switzerland, you’ll be in awe by its beauty. It has towering mountains that are covered in snow no matter what season, crystal-clear lakes, quaint little villages, crystal clear lakes, and rolling hills.

Another place I would love to go for vacation is mexico. One place I want to go is Chapultepec.For example, Chapultepec is one of the largest city parks in the world, encompassing the Mexico City Zoo, La Feria amusement park, and the Museum of Anthropology.

Places Ive went too

One of my favorite places I went to for vacation was California. I got to see family that I rarely got to see. One thing we did was go to disneyland. We road a lot of rides and ate some good food

Another vacation I went on was a trip to disney world with the band my freshman year. I got to spend 7 days in a really good looking hotel and I got to ride a lot of rides with my friends. One of my favorite memories of that trip was when everyone wet to the beach and got sunburnt

Another vacation I went on was a trip to St. Louis. I went to a Cardinal game and I got a baseball cap and I still have it today. It was my first baseball game I every went too.

I enjoy Photoscape

I enjoy Photoscape. I think its a great software to edit and change photos.

Picture 1

What I did with this photo is I copied the dog and I pasted the dog on different places on the picture. I think its funny and something cool that you can do on photoscape. I did rock it.

Picture 2

What I did with this photo is I changed the color of this dog to grey. I think this is a cool thing to do. I did rock it.